Kids Kendo

Ojika NI runs a weekly mixed training session that kids between seven and fourteen years of age can take part in.

Kids Kendo Runs on Saturday afternoon:

2.45m to 4.45pm

We ask that child and parent arrive at 2.30pm to allow 15 minutes prepare their equipment.

Kendo is a great activity for kids that promotes physical activity, forges friendships and encourages respect for one’s community and elders. Don’t take our word for it though, let the kids speak for themselves in this short film.

It’s also a great way for them to learn about Japanese history and culture.

Kids are also able to participate in national level competition and work their way up the grading ladder ,all leading to a mindset of setting goals and then going on to achieve them.


All coaches are Access NI background checked and all sessions are closely supervised by a minimum of two adults with the children’s safety our highest priority.

To begin Kendo, the club will supply equipment without additional charge. The kid’s can start with tracksuit bottoms and t shirt. Hoodies are acceptable in Winter.

To get started contact:

Deirdre Morrison ( Juniors coach – 1st Dan)

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