Privacy Policy

This website can only be made to accept data entry on our events page.

This Data consists of a full name, Dojo name and Rank. Also there will be a question regarding social event particapation or attendance.

We also feature a question to request that any Junior Kendoka advise if they have armour or not. This is for the purpose of ascertaining the capacity in which said Junior Kendoka can participate in the relevant event.

This data will not be shared with any third party outside Ojika NI or the Wilson Trust.

You can request a full data file at any point from us via our contact page.

You have the right to also request deletion in its entirety of all data pertaining to yourself that we may store for events. This may or may not result in an inability to be registered and therefore take part in our events.

We collect no other data via this website other than what has been mentioned in this policy.

Please note that by using our contact page and the email contact links therein you will be opting to share your email adress to us at that point by the action of sending said communication.

In this case your email address is not held on this website or its server. It will however be held in the email server and address book of the Dojo or trust member that you have chosen to contact.



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