Ojika NI Return To Training Plan

Getting Back To Training

Senior members and coaches have been busy preparing over the last few weeks for a return to training. We have initially targeted Saturday the 15th August 2020 as the first Kendo, Iaido and Jodo sessions, provided there is a demand for the sessions to go ahead for each art.

Ojika NI Return To Training Plan

All members, and Parents or Guardians should download the Return To Training  document. Read through it carefully so the measures we have put in place are clearly understood. Ask questions if you need to and return the signed acknowledgement at the end of the document when each member returns to training for their first session back.

These measures are founded in the principle that our member’s safety is our highest priority and have been laid out diligently in line with our governing body’s (BKA) guidelines.

We also recommend that students now begin preparing by securing the required materials as outlined in the document. As well as preparing their Budo equipment. Things like oiling Shinai, laundering Keiko Gi and Hakama should now be undertaken if they have not already been seen to.

As highlighted in the document we will be strongly discouraging cash payment of fees in favour of digital payments. The first initial payment will be disclosed to members soon which will cover the Mandatory Men Shield required for members in armour as the club intends to provide these at cost price on arrival for each member’s first session back.Members may of course source their own according to preference so long as they conform to the requirements set out in the document and cover both mouth and eyes.

The “Men Mask” should be sourced from home as it may vary in specification beyond our ability to supply.

As always if there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

ONI return to Training 04-08-2020

Best regards,

Tristan Hann ( Coach )

Jonathan Potter ( Coach )

John Kelso ( Dojo Leader )

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