News – Post Lock down return to Training Plans Underway

Important Notice –
Ojika NI coaches are due to discuss and decide on, under the guidance of the Dojo Leader and governing body (BKA) , measures and policies to allow a safe return to training in what looks to be an early to mid August date (still to be confirmed). New rules will include the use of Kendo, Iaido or Jodo specific PPE as well as Distancing and Hygiene measures .

We hope to release the completed policy document as quickly as possible to allow members time to make the necessary preparations for a safe return to training which will likely require a few extra additions to their equipment inventory.

The Club will do whatever it can to offer as much support to its members to facilitate this change in operational culture. As Kendo is a contact art it will be most severely affected but the measures will also apply substantially to Iaido and Jodo members. We will update you further once the policy documents are finalised.

Please watch the attached video from Andy Fisher Sensei ( Renshi 6thDan ) that talks about the basics of the guidance from Japan which the UK has also adopted in terms of the use of what are known as the “Men Mask” and “Men Shield” as these are key elements of the new guidelines for all members. Any questions should be posted in the comments and we’ll do our best to address them as we go along.

Tristan Hann
Ojika NI Coach
4th Dan


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